Sticky mat

The sticky mat is compounded by the latest technology. The environmentally friendly pressure-sensitive water glue can make the entire surface of each layer of the sticky mat have uniform adhesion. No glue drop, odorless and non-toxic. The sticky mat is mainly suitable for sticking to the entrance of the clean space and between the buffer zone. It can effectively stick the dust on the soles and wheels, minimize the impact of dust on the quality of the clean environment, and achieve the effect of simple dust removal. It solves the problem that incomplete dust removal of other floor mats cannot ensure that the dust does not spread. Tear off for ease of use. Each layer is coated with a unique high-viscosity or low-viscosity adhesive. The product size is suitable for different places. The digital label facilitates the separation between the sheets. The multi-layered, straight-edged dusty floor mat can quickly and effectively remove the dust carried by the wheels and soles of transportation vehicles, keep the environment clean, easy to use, and the surface is contaminated. Remove the layer. Working pressure: 0.3-0.6mp is the preferred tool for electronic processing, pre-press processing, plastic processing power plants and other electrostatic power plants with heavy hazards.