SMT Single Splice Tape-Blue

SMT, meaning in Chinese means surface mount technology, is a new generation of electronic assembly technology.
It compresses the traditional electronic components into a device that is only a few of the components, thereby achieving high density, high reliability, miniaturization, low cost, and production of electronic products. Such miniaturized components are called: SMY devices (or SMC, slice devices). The process method assembled to the printing (or other substrate) is called the SMT process. The associated assembly device is called SMT devices. Advanced electronics, especially in computer and communication, electronic products, have been generally adopted by SMT technology. The production of SMD devices has increased year by year, while the production of traditional device has declined year by year, so SMT technology will become more popular with the increasing development. It is the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry.
1, it can greatly improve production efficiency, if stopped, every time it takes about 2 minutes, this is still fast, one machine is running a minute of 8 yuan, this is a waste of 2 * 8 = 16 Yuan; if the tape is eliminating this time, the two sheets spent only 0.4 yuan.
2, can greatly avoid material waste: avoiding the material too short without being used, can all utilize the remaining materials.
3. It is a mechanical loss such as Machine Fei Da; reducing the machine frequently, opens, avoiding Fei Dha frequently pulling and other actions, can extend its service life.
4, it is possible to avoid some people who may be caused by the shutter cover.
Remarks: The color of the tape is: deep yellow (s), dark blue (N), matte black-anti-static (M-ESD), bright black-anti-static (G-ESD), transparent green-anti-static (L- ESD).