PVC floor tape

Sticking tape is also called warning tape, identify tape, rowing tape, floor tape, landmark tape, ground tape, zebra tape, etc.
Sexual energy
1. Professionally used for any directivity area.
2. Use this product to make regional management more efficient.
3, the surface is resistant to wear and can withstand high flow pedals.
4, good paste, water-resistant, easy to clean.
5, with certain anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance.
Both monometallors, two colors.
1, monochrome:
Mainly red, yellow, green, blue, white, etc.
2, two-color:
It mainly has yellow black, red white, green white, etc.
The width can be arbitrarily cut in the range of the entire volume.
Cool, ventilation, high temperature or exposure.
Use reference
1, monochrome red, yellow, green and two-color yellow black, red, green white can be used as a warning line.
White, yellow and green are used as a scribe; red, red white, green white and yellow black are used as a warning.
2, when used as a warning, red indicates the meaning of prohibition and blocking;
Red and white stripes express their prohibition of people from entering the danger;
Yellow and black symbols indicate that people have special attention to people;
Green and white stripes express a more eye-catching tips.