Microfiber clean room wiper

Due to its ultra-fine dust collecting tough structure for maximum effect.
Multi-shavingeffect (Multi-scraping effect): a thick single fiber as it may become ultrafine hundreds of ultrafine fibers, such as when scrubbed cloth, microfiber cloth can have more than the average heavy scraping effect.
Wide-contacteffect (broad contact area effect): Usually thick fibers due to bending rigidity, so that small contact area with the fabric floating point objects, whereas microfiber small flexural rigidity and soft (imitation silk) and the object so that the fabric floating point the contact area wiped clean and strong.
Inner-trapeffect (internal release effect): ultrafine fibers made of a cloth scrubbed, after blowing dirt, soil will migrate down out of the capillary channel fibers, the effect was peeled inside, so no dirt the residue scrubbed the surface of cloth, and therefore will not cause scratches very sophisticated products.
Since the fiber diameter is small, so that little bending stiffness, feel particularly soft.
Large specific surface area of ​​the fibers, thus covering of fabric, warmth and bulkiness improved significantly more than the number of large fiber surface area in contact with oil or dust, oil and opportunity between the permeate from the fiber surface more gaps, So with a strong cleaning function.
The fibers of very high density fabric, the voids between fibers is between droplet diameter and droplet diameter between water vapor, so the fabric has a water vapor permeability effects.
Fibers have many fine pores between the microfibers of the capillary structure is formed, if processed into a fabric towel wetted with water, the high water absorption, which washed hair with a towel can be quickly sucked water out, the quick-drying hair.