ESD wrist strap


The electrostatic bracelet is a device worn on the wrist of the human body to discharge the accumulated electrostatic charge of the human body. It is divided into linear and wireless types, and a mixed braided ring of metal ring and rubber band conductive wire. This product belongs to one of the anti-static wristbands. The buckle is adjusted to have a linear shape. It can effectively protect the zero resistance parts from the interference of static electricity and discharge the static electricity of the human body. The utility model is composed of an anti-static elastic belt, a movable snap, a spring cord, a protective resistance and a collet. The inner layer of the elastic belt is woven with antistatic yarn and the outer layer is woven with ordinary yarn. The principle of anti-static wired wrist strap is to conduct the static electricity of human body to the earth through wrist strap and grounding wire. When in use, the wrist strap is in contact with the skin, and ensure that the grounding wire is directly grounded, so as to give full play to the maximum effect. Wearing this anti-static wrist strap, it can safely remove the static electricity generated in the human body in 0.1 seconds. The grounding wrist strap is the most basic and widely used in anti-static equipment.