ESD shoe

Anti-Static Shoes is a production workshop and a production workshop of Electronic Semiconductor Devices, Electronic Computer, Electronic Communication Equipment, and Integrated Circuit, and other microelectronic industries and other microelectronic industries and in the INTEGRATED CIRCUIT. The advanced laboratory is a workshore that is wearing or eliminating electrostatic hazards. Antistatic shoe guide may be from the human body electrostatic earth, thereby eliminating the static body, but also to effectively suppress dust person walking in a clean room of the generated. Suitable for the pharmaceutical factory, food factory, electronic factory clean workshop, laboratory, etc. Anti-static shoe uses a sole with a capacity PU or PVC material. It can protect the absorbent and static anti-skid material. It can achieve anti-slip, anti-static and other functions, and the upper is integrally formed, and then on the line reinforcement. Anti-static shoe can effectively disclose static electricity, but must use anti-static clothing (anti-static shoe pad anti-static socks), anti-static floors, constitute a complete anti-static system, suitable for severe working environment for static sensitive.
1. Anti-static shoes are protective shoes that eliminate human electrostatic positive gathering and preventing current electric shock of 250V, this product is produced by GB4385-1995.
2, mainly for places where there is static electricity, such as oil, chemical, coal mines, printing, rubber, medical, purification, electronic and other industries, due to static electricity, such as oil, chemical, coal mine, printing, rubber, medical, purification, electronics, etc.)
3, anti-static shoes and conductive shoes should not wear insulated wool thick socks and insulated insoles when wearing, and anti-static shoes are prohibited as insulating shoes.
4, the place where the anti-static shoe should be anti-static ground, the place where the electrically conductive shoes should be able to conduct electrically conductive grounds to achieve a good anti-static or conductive effect.
5, anti-static shoe should be used with anti-static clothes, pay attention to the cleaning, waterproof and moisture of the product.
6. A resistance test should be performed in the process of not more than 200 hours, and if the resistor is not within the specified range, it cannot be used as an anti-static leather. Anti-static shoe requires resistance to be between 100K ohms to 1000m ohms.