ESD PVC curtain

The role of anti-static PVC curtains:
Anti-static curtains are not only strong anti-static, but also have good transparency. They can block the loss of air-conditioning and heating, and can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust and ultraviolet rays. The use of anti-static curtains with air conditioners can reduce the loss of cold air and save electricity. In addition, anti-static curtains can reduce noise decibels, prevent noise from spreading, and reduce noise pollution.
Classification of anti-static PVC curtains:
Anti-static curtains can be divided into two types: door type and hanging type according to different usage methods.
Cleaning of anti-static curtains
1. Anti-static curtains can be anti-static and dust-proof. Since dust is more difficult to get on the curtains, you only need to wipe the curtains with a dry cloth.
2. If you want to clean the curtains, wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in a bag of milk soapy water, then wash it with warm water, and then dry it naturally. You can't use hot water or gasoline to wash it.
Maintenance of anti-static curtains:
1. The anti-static curtain should avoid direct sunlight. If it is hung in a place exposed to the sun, it is best to hang an ordinary blackout curtain on the side where the anti-static curtain is in contact with the sun.
2. Anti-static curtains are made of PVC materials, which are easy to age, especially when the temperature is high. Avoid contact with open flames, chemical agents or polymer oils. They should not be placed near the heater to extend their service life. Hang anti-static curtains on the air-conditioning outlet, otherwise it will harden easily.
3. Avoid spilling high-concentration solvents such as toluene, banana water, and strong acid and alkali solutions on the anti-static curtains, and avoid using inappropriate tools and sharps to damage or scratch the surface of the curtains.
4. To clean the keel regularly, you can rub some oil on the keel to prevent rust, because usually the fittings required for the installation of anti-static curtains are iron keels or stainless steel keels, which are used to set up anti-static curtains, sometimes through hooks. The anti-static curtain is fixed to it.
5. Anti-static curtains should be cleaned in time if they are exposed to rain to avoid mildew and stains. If they are not used for a long time, they should be stored in a cool, dark, dry, ventilated place and avoid moisture.