ESD plastic tweezer

Anti-static plastic tweezers are also called semiconductor tweezers, and they are mixed with special plastics using carbon fiber.
Anti-static plastic tweezers have good elasticity, durable, no gray, acid and alkali, high temperature resistance, can avoid traditional anti-static tweezers to pollute products due to carbon black, suitable for precision electronic components such as semiconductor, IC, and special use.
Anti-static tweezers are made of special conductive plastic materials, with a good elasticity, characteristics of light and discharge static electricity, suitable for processing and installation of electrostatic sensitive components.
Main application
Anti-static tweezers are suitable for precision electronic components production, semiconductors and computer heads and other industries.
From the material classification, anti-static tweezers are: plastic tweezers and stainless steel twins.
From the style classification, anti-static tweezers are: elbow forceps, straight tweezers, flat head tweezers, pointed tweezers, etc.
Test Methods
Point pairs of tweezers to surface resistance and system resistance test: