ESD PE bag

Anti-static PE bag is a low density polyethylene (LDPE) + linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) + antistatic mesh + color mother + stabilizer mixed blown film, and then heat seals. This product has all characteristics and anti-static functions of ordinary PE bags. Its material is soft, and the thickness can be freely adjusted, which is widely used in general electronic products such as printed circuit boards. As an outer packaging is saving costs, it is possible to protect the electronic product to generate electrostatic damage electronic components due to mutual friction between the insulator.
Low density polyethylene (LDPE): An ethylene is a thermoplastic resin, non-toxic, and a wax block, which has good low temperature resistance, and the lowest temperature can reach a negative 10 to 100 degrees. Good chemical stability, can be acid and alkali resistance. The solvent, small water absorption, excellent insulation, excellent in heat treatment, but is easy to aging. The nature and variety of polyethylene depends on the molecular structure and density. Filler (Anti-static mesh): It can improve the strength and heat resistance of the plastic, while improving the strength of the machine, filling the antistatic masterbatch, enabling the product a good anti-static effect. Plasticizer: You can increase the plastic plasticity and flexibility, reduce brittleness, make plastic easy to process. Add a plasticizer to a low-density polyethylene, non-toxic, odorless, and a high boiling organic compound to light and thermally stable, adding a plasticizer to be appropriate, plus more easily makes plastic so soft, adding a small material, easy split. Stabilizer: Mainly to prevent polyethylene from being decomposed and destroyed from light and heat during processing, extending life, commonly used stabilizers there are stearates and epoxy resins. Color: Also known as colorants, allowing the product to have bright and beautiful colors, which can be made as required. Commonly used organic dyes and inorganic pigments. Lubricants: Mainly to prevent plastics from being bonded and sticky and in the mold, can also make the product smooth and beautiful. Antioxidants: Mainly preventing polyethylene from being oxidized during heating, making PE bags, tear, etc.