ESD heel grounder

Anti-static tape consists of conductive rubber, adjustable magic band and conductive wire. It can be used in general electronic plants, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, precision machinery and other companies. There are various anti-static equipment. Anti-static foot wristband passes through the wristband, and the ground wire is conducted to the ground to the ground. When using the wristband, please contact the skin and ensure that the ground wire is directly grounded to maximize its role.

When using electrostatic AN rope muscles, two feet should be wear at the same time to increase the contact time of the Increase rope muscle and the ground, thereby reducing the likelihood of electrostatic damage to the human body. To overcome or minimize ESD, the staff of the electrostatic sensitive area typically release the static charge of the human body into the ground using wristbands to protect the ESD sensitive microchip from ESD damage. This approach is common. The use of anti-static shoes or anti-static ankle tape helps control the static charge accumulation of the human body. The design principle of anti-static shoes or ankle straps is to provide a transmission path between the body and the ground material to reduce the potential difference of the body. It is important to correctly assess the charge release capability of anti-static shoes. When the worker moves on an anti-static floor material, the charge can be discharged through the shoe.