ESD corrugated box part

Anti-static hollow plate (also known as Wandebate), which is a plastic hollow lattice plate; its main component is polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE).
It is light, high strength, non-toxic and non-pollution, waterproof moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, rich color, easy printing, recyclable, has good environmentally friendly performance and secondary processing performance, can be machined into various types of turnover boxes, knives Card, partition, lining, pad, car interior plate, bottom coroke, bottle plate, advertising board, etc. Due to the rich range of raw materials, moderate, excellent performance, extensive use, is generally used in most countries in the world. A new environmental protection packaging material. There are 2-6mm thickness to choose from, and different types of normal, static electricity, and conductivity can be made. Anti-static hollow board is one of the hollow plate, which increases anti-static function than ordinary conductive, and the surface resistivity is different. The anti-static hollow board is 106-1011Ω; the conductive hollow board is generally 104-105Ω! Anti-static hollow The plates are generally made of environmentally-friendly non-polluting recoverable thermoplastic polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) resin, and the like, which are made of anti-static new type of turn-up package.