CPE shoe cover

CPE shoe cover features:
1.cpe is a full rubber with heat-resistant oxygen age, ozone aging, acid and alkali resistant, chemical function.
2. CPE is excellent in oil resistance, with ASTM1 oil, ASTM2 oil work is very good, appropriate with NBR; ASTM3 is excellent, better than CR, and CSM.
3. CPE contains chlorine elements, with good flame retardant function, and has combustion anti-drop characteristics. It is a flame-retardant function, a flame retardant material having excellent flame retardant and low cost of the flame retardant and low cost.
4. CPE is non-toxic, does not contain heavy metals and PAHs, which is fully compliant with environmental requirements.
5. CPE has a high fill function that can be made in line with various different functional requirements. CPE has good processing, Menny viscosity (ML1211 4) has a variety of trademarks in 50-100.