Clean room wiper

No edge (cold cut)
The dust-free wiper is mainly cut through the electric scissors. This cutting method is easily deettic, and it is not cleansing after cutting, and during the wiping process
There will be a quantitative furnish on the edge of the dust-free wiper. It is generally not recommended to use high-end wiping.
2. Laser cutting
It can be followed at high temperatures in the laser, and the edge of the edge does not produce a phenomenon of dilution, cutting the clean treatment such as net and cleaning, thereby reaching a high dust-free standard. Disadvantage is because it is because it is follow So it will be slightly hard, and the attention is not a problem during the wiping process, and the market is 75% of the market.
3. Sellonic edge
The vibration generated by the ultrasonic vibrating portion (vibrator) (the electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy), passed through the HORN (weld head), and passed to the tool extruded fabric, this edge of the seal is the most perfect in the dust-free cloth. One.