Antistatic tape

Anti-static tape, surface resistance value of <10 ^ 9Ω. Electrostatic discharge time <0.5s, length 36m, width can be made according to user needs. Suitable for paste electrostatic sensitive devices, packaging bag seals, and other electronic product packaging.
According to the purpose, it can be divided into two categories:
Anti-static and warning type.
1. Anti-static tape is divided into mesh tape and transparent tape, which itself has anti-static functions, which can be used for electronic products packaging.
2. Anti-static warning tape itself does not have anti-static functions, surface printed with anti-static logo, which can be used to warn in electrostatic sensitive products or anti-static regions.
Anti-static mesh tape
It is made of an anti-static OPP material. It has the characteristics of the vented and the characteristics and transparency.
The electrostatic voltage below 100V (general tape ≥5000V) is generated during use.
It greatly reduces the static hazard generated by the product package.
The anti-static transparent tape is applied to the surface of the OPP film to add pressure sensitive glue with an anti-static agent, and is formed after an anti-static treatment.

Anti-static transparent tape
The whole volume is pale yellow, but it is completely transparent.
The rubber surface resistance value 10 ^ 8Ω-10 ^ 10 Ω.
For board, laptops, mobile communications, etc. require anti-static products external packaging and clean room.