Antistatic cotton polyester fabric

The anti-static cloth is also called an anti-static fabric, referred to as an anti-static cloth. Its excitation is based on charge bleed and neutralization mechanism. When grounding, the electrostatic electricity on the fabric is in addition to the corona discharge of the conductive fibers, can also be discharged to the main land via the conductive fibers; when it is not grounded, the electrically conductive fibers are electrically discharged.
Corona discharge
The local self-discharge discharge of the gas medium in the uneven electric field is the most common form of gas discharge. It is adjacent the tip electrode having a large radius of curvature, and since the local electric field strength exceeds the gas of the gas, the gas is ionizing and exciting, and thus the corona discharge occurs. When the corona occurs, it can be seen around the electrode and accompany it.
Can make anti-static clothes, anti-static masks, anti-static gloves, anti-static shoes or shoe covers, etc. Applications of medical, pharmaceutical, food, precision instruments, aerospace, etc., are sensitive to static electricity, and have a higher cleanliness requirement.