Anti cut glove with pu palm dipping

Anti-cutting gloves are a very difficult glove, the opponent's protective effect.
The anti-cut gloves are unusually unusual anti-parallel performance and wear resistance, making it a high-quality hand labor insurance. A pair of anti-cut gloves is equivalent to 500 departments, and it is called "one hundred". It can be widely used in carnivore segmentation, glass processing, metal processing, petrochemical, disaster relief, fire rescue, etc.
As my country's industrial production is booming, people pay attention to the work environment, and the awareness of protecting their own safety and health is significantly improved. Among them, labor protection for hands is an important part. Therefore, in different labor environments, choose high performance gloves is critical. There are many varieties in my country's market, and the level parameters are different. The user chooses to be more difficult, and the phenomenon of replacing the anti-cut gloves in ordinary gloves or multi-layer yarn gloves is more common, and it is more necessary to choose the right to choose the work. Anti-cutting gloves. The anti-cut glove is the last risk control measures for protecting the hand. Domestic industrial industries have many industries such as urban heavy metal, high-rise buildings, multiple processing and automotive manufacturing, and should wear anti-cutting gloves for those who engage in extreme mechanical operations, high cutting risk types, steel sorting, treatment of metal products. This not only efficiently enhances production efficiency, but also reduces the risk factor during operation.