Cleanroom swab

Features of the cotton swab wiper:
1. Cotton swab dust-free wipe stick INF series wipe stick is specially designed for highly clean environment
2. The head of the cotton swab dust-free wiping stick is made of polyurethane sponge, continuous filament polyester fiber and microfiber as raw materials, and is cleaned and processed in a clean room to make it have low dust generation and strong liquid absorption. , Soft and clean, etc.
3. The perfect sealing and closing technology of the cotton swab dust-free wiper makes the head successfully fixed on the polypropylene handle, avoiding the pollution caused by the use of adhesives. The application of anti-static technology ensures that your products are protected from static electricity.
4. Cotton swab dust-free wiping stick This series of products can be used with most solvents to clean sensitive materials (such as various liquid crystal displays), electronic devices (such as hard disks, optical discs, semiconductors), optical instruments, optical fibers, and electron microscopes , Optical sensors, etc. It is also suitable for medical industry (cell sampling, DNA testing), food industry and cosmetic industry.