ESD coverall

Anti-static coverall is to prevent electrostatic accumulation of clothes, sewing with anti-static fabric for fabric, suitable for clothing wearing electrostatic sensitive places or fires or explosive hazardous places, applied to electronic, optical instruments, pharmaceutical, microbial projects , Precision instruments and other industries.
Anti-static cverall are special work clothes suitable for electronic, optical instruments, pharmaceuticals, microbial engineering, precision instruments, etc., and their clothing is generally a synthetic fiber fabric of a woven guide wire. "Anti-static overalls" (GB12014-1989), is to prevent the static accumulation of clothes, sewn with antistatic fabric for fabric, suitable for use in electrostatic sensitive places or fires or explosive hazardous places. The production process of the anti-static fabric used is mainly in the textile, which is substantially equal or uniformly mixed into all or partially made of anti-static fibers or antistatic synthetic fibers made of a conductive material of a metal or organic matter, or mixed with both. .
Anti-static overalls have a variety of styles, conjunction, sleeves, etc., socks, hats, masks can be freely combined, and can also be processed according to customer requirements. Anti-static overalls apply to: petroleum industry; mineral industry; chemical industry; electronic industry; special industry, such as: atomic energy, aerospace, weapon, etc. Other industries such as: food, fireworks, medicine, etc. The distribution of conductive components in the fibers can also be divided into a conductive component average, conductive component coverage and conductive component composite type 3. Most anti-static fabrics are made of conductive fibers, especially with conductive components, i.e., composite fibers.