ESD shoe

Anti static ESD shoes are a kind of work shoes worn in the production workshops and advanced laboratories of micro electronics industry, such as electronic semiconductor devices, the electronic computer, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuit, in order to reduce or eliminate the harm of static electricity. Anti static shoes can guide static electricity from the human body to the earth, so as to eliminate human static electricity. At the same time, they also effectively inhibit the dust generated by personnel walking in a dust-free room. It is suitable for pharmaceutical factories, food factories, electronic factories, clean workshops, laboratories, etc. The anti-static shoes are made of Pu or PVC materials. The soles are made of anti-static and anti-skid materials, which can not only absorb sweat and odor, but also achieve the functions of anti-skid and anti-static. They are integrated with the upper, and then reinforced on the line. Anti static shoes can effectively leak static electricity, but they must be used together with anti-static clothing (anti-static insole, anti-static socks) and anti-static floor to form a complete anti-static system, which is suitable for the harsh working environment sensitive to static electricity.